Sunday, October 27, 2013

Would you know?

Yea, I guess I'd only come back once a while when I don't have anywhere else to spit out 
Besides having pre-monday blue, I am having post dating blue 

Maybe we really does meet up too much after the incident 
Where I try my very best to prove my effort that I'm all back 
And you work your way out hard to re-spark things 
which it does work =) 

But at the same time, we developed a kind of addiction, 
Or should I say, rely, or habit of seeing each other that often? 
Or was it just me? 

Thats why I get emo-ed over sudden loneliness which 
for that specific incident it was merely due to period hormones that enlarge all my emotions 
Heightens up my blue... 

But what happened tonight was just... I felt like we haven been spending as much time as how we have been for the pass months which is almost 6 times a week *I know thats A LOT chuckles* 
And all I want was a little time of US of me and you 
But I just felt so... 'extra' as upon accomplishing your view 
It would be late and I will be worried seeing you sending me home in a tired state 
Somemore, tomorrow will be a hectic day for you. 

Well, I shouldn't be mourning and feeling sad about all these, 
After all, I said it myself to send me home. 

Rest well my love, have a great day ahead tomorrow. 
Lets take a break off... from each other starting tomorrow for at least two weeks 
I'll be focusing on my exam you having some of ur own space 
Which have been confisticated by me for some time... 

- Stop, Memories, Thank you, Sorry, Goodbye-

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