Monday, June 3, 2013

Shits in Life

Shits does happen in life.
Be it family, study, career, relationships, friendships or even just a r/s with God
Mine was stuck in a mist of confusion, chaos... or just in short, shit~
That was for a few months? Few weeks? Time was not something I had in mind clear.
I have no idea how long the shit loads happened or dragged along
I was blinded, confused, pressured, and maybe... just drenched in life

And I am glad but the magical moment when there is a person
Enlighten me to see whats the real thing that I have in hand
What are the focus and future I want...
Which leads me back to my happy life now
Career might still be at shit moments at times.
But my r/s was in its best state

My r/s with Mr Kenneth almost died
And it was reborn. The Bond was so strong... Nothing can come between now.
Maybe that is what we call trials and exams in life huh?

More than proud to say:
Mr Kenneth is my best friend,
My soul mate,
My companion,
My lover,
and.... My family...
the other part of me =)

Thanks for the 6 years and the transformation in our love after all that has happen.
Lets work our way... to form our own family...
And to a true future of us where we both has in mind and materialize it okies?
Cause I have a strong faith in you
with a very strong Love

-Never this real, never this strong, Magnet Effect?-

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