Friday, February 5, 2010

Bloody Incident

Went for my 1st blood donation last Wednesday =D
Finally went for a real one after asking Pauline and millions of people if it hurts

Dang Dang Dang!!!!
My worm went with me....
450ml of blooooood just flow into the big fat bag and seriously it makes me feel 'high' and happy when I knew that big fat bag of blooooood lying on my laps belongs to me! =)

*mind you, normally girls only donate 330/350ml kay? i dunno why *

Happy and satisfied

Awh, this bread and biscuit got blood and flesh inside de kay?
I exchange it with my blood ^^

Then it's all about blood again the next day in animal physiology lab~
Damn, why is it all connected to blood one? haha

1st field trip tomorrow and i haven pack
hate field trips, coz it'll make me tan ='(

p/s:Any ways to keep being fair under the sun?
please tell me.... please


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