Sunday, September 7, 2014


My favourite month was always October. Because its my BIRTHDAY MONTH *hints* LOL. But ever since I started to 'aged' I don't pay as much attention and anticipation for dates anymore. But this year its gonna be different cause it's my HOLIDAY month!

Finally get to go traveling with my boyfriend after being together for more than 7 freaking years. Oh gosh, I'm getting old time flies! I seriously need a break from a hector year at work so counting down two more weeks! 

2nd thing about september this year? My favourite wormie Jayne Oh's Birthday month! oh my~ I love her! 

3rd thing? My three years uni roommate Michelle is joining us in Kuching for at least 1 1/2 year! Wheeeeeeee... I guess it means more gossip time! *chuckles evilly* 

So, have a great September peoples! Because we've only have one September 2014 all our life! Everyday does not repeat and live life like its the last day of your life. 

-happy mode-

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Hello *wave wave waving real hard*

A movie I watch last night with le Mr. Boyfriend. Starred by two good actors, Nicholas Tze and Gao Yuan Yuan. A movie I would rate Good and recommend my friends to watch if you are the kind that would like love stories/movies.  *full version pls DL, they practically censored all lovey dovey actions* =P




Sunday, October 27, 2013

Would you know?

Yea, I guess I'd only come back once a while when I don't have anywhere else to spit out 
Besides having pre-monday blue, I am having post dating blue 

Maybe we really does meet up too much after the incident 
Where I try my very best to prove my effort that I'm all back 
And you work your way out hard to re-spark things 
which it does work =) 

But at the same time, we developed a kind of addiction, 
Or should I say, rely, or habit of seeing each other that often? 
Or was it just me? 

Thats why I get emo-ed over sudden loneliness which 
for that specific incident it was merely due to period hormones that enlarge all my emotions 
Heightens up my blue... 

But what happened tonight was just... I felt like we haven been spending as much time as how we have been for the pass months which is almost 6 times a week *I know thats A LOT chuckles* 
And all I want was a little time of US of me and you 
But I just felt so... 'extra' as upon accomplishing your view 
It would be late and I will be worried seeing you sending me home in a tired state 
Somemore, tomorrow will be a hectic day for you. 

Well, I shouldn't be mourning and feeling sad about all these, 
After all, I said it myself to send me home. 

Rest well my love, have a great day ahead tomorrow. 
Lets take a break off... from each other starting tomorrow for at least two weeks 
I'll be focusing on my exam you having some of ur own space 
Which have been confisticated by me for some time... 

- Stop, Memories, Thank you, Sorry, Goodbye-

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Have not been scribbling at my blog for sometime,
Somehow I miss the time where I would spend time to note down happenings and highlights of my life
Taking note and snapping memories to be moments that could be remembered forever.

There have been moments of confusion, weak, and uncertained
But clouds would clear off
Storms would end
and darkness doesn't stay on forever....

Certain things that seems difficult might be easier to achieved that I always thought it was

But... Gambateh Syndy Chong =)
You can do it

-There is God helping at the end of the rainbow
you just need to call out to Him -

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


After two long years here i am back to Bangkok the heaven and mother of all shopping sins. 
This round it is a very long and fruitful fun with totally different travel mate. 
My bff with my long known 20 years friend. 

Shall update about this real soon... 
Just a few photo for preview 

This is the awesome pattaya for the first three day :) ain't this piece of heaven pretty? 

Shall update more soon... Waiting for my flight to be back to my baby boy and homie is tiring. 

Keep up the fighting spirit for my job and life after this recharging vacation! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013





回头 看看,还是不为那些年的选择而后悔




Monday, June 3, 2013

Shits in Life

Shits does happen in life.
Be it family, study, career, relationships, friendships or even just a r/s with God
Mine was stuck in a mist of confusion, chaos... or just in short, shit~
That was for a few months? Few weeks? Time was not something I had in mind clear.
I have no idea how long the shit loads happened or dragged along
I was blinded, confused, pressured, and maybe... just drenched in life

And I am glad but the magical moment when there is a person
Enlighten me to see whats the real thing that I have in hand
What are the focus and future I want...
Which leads me back to my happy life now
Career might still be at shit moments at times.
But my r/s was in its best state

My r/s with Mr Kenneth almost died
And it was reborn. The Bond was so strong... Nothing can come between now.
Maybe that is what we call trials and exams in life huh?

More than proud to say:
Mr Kenneth is my best friend,
My soul mate,
My companion,
My lover,
and.... My family...
the other part of me =)

Thanks for the 6 years and the transformation in our love after all that has happen.
Lets work our way... to form our own family...
And to a true future of us where we both has in mind and materialize it okies?
Cause I have a strong faith in you
with a very strong Love

-Never this real, never this strong, Magnet Effect?-