Monday, February 8, 2010

Korean Plaza

I went to Korean Plaza Last friday following my Korean class =)

It was not as big as i though the whole 'plaza' would be but it was still awesome
Had video into session about Korea and cooking session
We did not learn to make Kimchi this time =(

But we learn to cook for food which koreans usually eat during New Year!


fantastic! trust me!
(marinated BBQ beef)

Chap Chae

The glass noodle was Q~Q~ Q nothing else but Q

Fried korean food

that was superb too~

Korean Dumplings
which was super huge!!!!!

there are still some food that i couldn't remember the korean name
But i was bloated that day *burps*

you can try tradisional HanBok cloths for free!

Do i look like the Dai Cheong Gam places girl worker aka gong nv? =D

I like this HanBok the best~
super like Gui Fu as though I'm one of the rich 'thousand gold' of a Korea Royal Family~ hiak hiak hiak

Winter cloths

Get more Pictures when i upload to Facebook =)

-Who wants to gimme a Valentine day pressie?-


k e l y n said...

i wish i can go thr too!!! T.T

~Syndy~ said...

Haha.. lets go to the real KOREA! =)

k e l y n said...

wahh i want oso! start plan and budget and save money larrr!!