Friday, April 16, 2010

Sushi Bonanza

Another Sushi RM2 Bonanza
and this year i went there with MeeTeng and YiQian
But the sushi at Kajang Metro Point was kinda bad.
It's the 1st time i eat unagi eat till wanna vomit out~
However the ebi tempura was still nice
It reminds me of the time i went to Sushi Zanmai with a friend at the Gardens
hmmmm... =X sushi zanmai was way cheaper and better

Trust me, she's cute inside even though she looks cool outside

I had this type of sushi for the 1st time in Spring
With you =)
Our 1st SushiKing together


Finally sucky animal physiology was down and now there were only 4 more to go!
I need some life and some activity...
Oooo... i wanna go shopping! =O

p/s: I wanna go casino! hiak hiak hiak
and i have an ugly fringe now ='(

-I'll be waiting for you-


k e l y n said...

i didnt go for sushi bonanza this time... =(

~Syndy~ said...

hahahah the sushi king i go have sucky unagi and the sushi wasn't really that nice tho~ midvalley de beta! nvm go next time =)