Monday, August 23, 2010

Convocation 2010

Finally I'm freeeeeee and its oveeeeerrrrrr 
Proposal presentation wasn't that bad though the lecturers still shoot like machine gun

p/s: I regretted a lot for choosing my supervisor T_____T


Convocation 2010 has passed like a bizillion years ago
But here are some pics as i promised to update

 a senior that really helps us a lot. Thankiu ^^

My cutest tehooo =3=
Love this pic  

 Leng lui which I only knew she stays in UO too on convo day =X

 The petites XD

 Oopss, fish u convo too ? 

 Bested direct senior!
Suzanne Cheng! *hearts*
Thanks so much for helping all these while

 Leng Leng MeiSan 

 There goes the starfish with the best sunny smile
I love d way he smile that makes people feel happy!

 夫妻相 XD
don't you think so too? 

  The OleoBest senior-Junior award =)

 Like this pic, though Jeremy punched me ='( LOL

 Da shao and us girls ^^

Yvonne the petite senior =)

  There goes seniors and juniors of bio

I shall end this post with two random photo of the day

The united OleoChem

And the girls ^^

In conclusion
Convo is all about taking loads of pictures
and sweats 
and flowers

Can i have a lot of flowers too on my convo?
esp sunflower ^^

-hyper mode-

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