Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's one of my most happy time in life again ^^
To make-over for my dear friends

It always gives me the hyper feeling to make up my friends and do their hair
It gives me the 'high' sensation more than me makeup-ing for myself
Theme: Sparking Retro Night ( But I don't think we followed XD) 

Masterpiece #1

Pepsi ^^

Masterpiece #2
 Fish my Er Jie
Her eyes become from big to huge thanks to me  = = haha

Masterpiece #3

BaoBei Michelle
I shall name this make up as....
She's cute but sexy too that night

The girls ^^

Too bad I'm in a rush because I rush back from presentation to make up for them thats why there is no before pictures just after the transformation.
It'a all about getting smokey eyes and dressing up
I did all the hair and make up and i think I improved a bit don't you think so? 
*ngek ngek ngek*


I'm gonna rot my long weekend holiday away in this sucky Uni *tears*
And i feel like dying my hair again = =

p/s: I miss you

-I wanna shop and go out-

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