Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To My fren

Do Not bother what people say about your decision
Just follow the feeling and the voice in your heart
you know whats best for you

And don't do something that would make yourself regret
Life dun happen twice

for u Erna if u happened to read this =)

Gambateh my dear...

-U  r all i tink about-


Unknown said...

thank you darling!

what u have written is what i am definitely doing and you just happened to put them into words.

thank you and when i read it, i feel like yes, there's people supporting how i deal with this issue.

love you and thank you!!!

~Syndy~ said...

=) I support u in wtever u r doing as long as its decision u would not regret


just remember no matter what happened u will still have us to listen and support =)

p/s: tis is wat frens are for