Sunday, September 5, 2010


It's HER birthday and we prepared a small surprise for her
The Station Game/ Treasure hunt? =)

Chairperson 1 - Er Jie Stimfish  N.I.A (Nervous In Action) XD

chairperson 2 & 3 - Me and BaoBei Mich 

Clue 2
Jayne shall have to solve the calculation to get to the next destination
Shouldn't have provided her with scientific calculator that makes the calculation become so easy.

And I have forgotten to take pictures of clue 3 - station 2
and here comes the last station ^^

Last station where she have to login her email to check the spams we send to her
XD I wonder what the spammer in charge send?
She din have enough time to check on the spot until we jump out to scare her

I like the smile and the way she is shocked =P
Never expected that huh? 

Choon Wee with the handmade card~ 

My cutest worm the Birthday girl
Happpiiieeee 22nd Birthday *love you lots*

Last but not least
 I call this 

" The Friends with lots of LOVE"


I hope u had a great time and enjoyed the celebration
It might be the last time all of us celebrate you big day with you
But I know memories last
And shall never fade
May blessings fall upon you and you shall remain happy as always





k e l y n said...

i noe which photo u using for wallpaper! ><

~Syndy~ said...

hahaha encouragement tho i nv think it works = =

p/s: i censored it already haha

ah.j said...

Muackz!!!! ^________^


~Syndy~ said...

Jayne LoveLoveLoveLoveLove =D