Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pizza Frenzy

Had a delivery pizza order last Saturday and I guess it's the 1st official meal 4 of us had together as house mate when it's almost the end of the semester already 
Walala~ we were all excited about having some decent food in this 'lan kiap' uni
We ordered the buy 1 free 1 meal pizza

Hawaiian Supreme and Hawaiian tuna was pizza of the day 

See how happy we are about the pizza? 
I just love the smiles

p/s: I'm sad about the result, I guess I really have to work uber hard to compensate what I missed
And it's all your fault Kenneth Lsl =P

-turbo boost on!-


k e l y n said...

i wan to try tat~ T.T

~Syndy~ said...

Lols come come we go eat when u come =D or we order oso can XD if not we go eat when back kuching oso can pun!