Sunday, March 6, 2011

When she smiles =)

We went to the NECC at Pahang for field trip weeks ago. Two trips continuously for two weekend makes me sick of it especially when the one at MARDI was bored and hot to the max! However, this trip that was supposed to be our last trip for our trio years of campus degree life just turned out to be perfectly well after all. Loads of photos taken and loads of laughter. It adds another colourful meaningful page to my book of life. *guess I'm gonna miss trips with all of you after all these in the end, awhhh...*

We din't get to ride the elephant. How bad was that....
See how happy they are on the elephant?

Elephant carvings on the tree trunk

The over-priced lunch 

Look at the smiles of my girls =)
Like the sun-sssss that bring lights into life *hearts*

Thats her whooops, My forever fierce supervisor Dr. Narimah
but look!

she smiles =)
*was shivering when her hand was on my back when we took pictures with her*

The trios

#14 not more not less *hearts*

Last but nor least, I wanna share something over here:

edited version

All my Loves coursemates ^^

Oopps, original photo...

Can you spot the not? XDXD

I'm amaze by how good I am in mastering MeiTuXiuXiu hahahhahaaha

-Photos are the magic key to memories-


tehooo said...

this pic is seriouslly an epic lo! hahaha, she knows you cut off her not?

k e l y n said...

omg, babe u good in mastering the meitu! :D
someone is missing ^^

~Syndy~ said...

tehooo: I guess she really din know as i din add her in fb and no body reli notice that except me mt and jayne XDXD

Kelyn: Lols, guess wat i used to rub her off? XDXD the function to remove dark eye circles!!! =D muahahhah