Saturday, April 9, 2011

One night one love

It's our final year hostel dinner again on our final year campus life. Awh, it actually really marks an end to our campus life. Frankly, I do not know what to write about it as there wasn't really much happenings that night. Camwhored a lil with our small group of friends,  Big sis KY and QY lil sis din't go =/
But still dolling them up was a part that I enjoyed a lot =) Things happened and we can never return to the same point but trust me, Memories never fade~
Thanks for being part of my life all of you *hearts*

 My girls =)
 Oops, its the blue curtain and us again
*but it wasnt complete enough, how sad*

 Honored guest of table 13 * Ah Gan was holding the camera*

It's one night one love =)
I love the theme this year
 Malam Seribu Kenangan 

Love this Pic =)

And it recalls my dream, Yes, thats what I wanna do even though you might dislike it. Please respect my dream and I'll respect yours, because no matter what happened, I'll still love you as much =')
Trust me that I wouldn't change ok?

-Somethings are there, yes, deep in the heart-


Michelle said...

awww the last pic.. reli not bad XD

~Syndy~ said...

very nice arrrrrr =) super like wakakaka my pretty roommieeee wheee~