Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Gawai~

Finally I'm back again for blogging. There is not much happenings recently as it is all about working, off from work, laze in my home and some random outings. Aiks, I need a life. But I have been feeling lazy for outings, I wonder why? Because of I'm not going out with the right person or what? *chuckles* 


Outing with beloved MT and Mao the time before I came back for intership.
It was just another great outing =)

Superb Korean BBQ of the night =)

And I'm missing all of you now already, when shall we meet again? August?
*fingers crossed that it would really happened*

One random night of chit chats with JW and Dear but too bad no picture with JW

I love outings with you dear =)

p/s: Happy Gawai! Gayu Guru Gerau Nyamai! 
*even though I might not know the exactly meaning haha*

Btw, I've gain weight and so fat I wanna die ='(



k e l y n said...

i wanna die looking at that pic >.<

~Syndy~ said...

I wanna die looking into the mirror T____T