Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When The Princess Came

My beloved Sasa princess JiMui came visiting Kuching on the 14 of oct for a few days. Guess what? It's jz a corner away from my birthday when she came! Had a Ladies Night Jimui Night with her having dinner at Magna Carta and chilling with some drinks at Tray cafe.The food at Magna Carta is seriously not bad and I think I'm gonna try the pizza and burger next time!

My alfredo that was seriously creamy and yummy enough 

JiMui's all time favourite Olio Golio XD

And ah Jayne de dunno what name burger~
But very yummy too! =D

We talked a lot and chat about a lot of difference stuffs. It was just great to meet up with some old friends and talked our heart away. I'm not sure when is the next time the few of us can meet again but that night was gonna be a night to remember *hearts*

I treasure the friendship...

-I need outing and some good food now!-

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