Sunday, September 7, 2014


My favourite month was always October. Because its my BIRTHDAY MONTH *hints* LOL. But ever since I started to 'aged' I don't pay as much attention and anticipation for dates anymore. But this year its gonna be different cause it's my HOLIDAY month!

Finally get to go traveling with my boyfriend after being together for more than 7 freaking years. Oh gosh, I'm getting old time flies! I seriously need a break from a hector year at work so counting down two more weeks! 

2nd thing about september this year? My favourite wormie Jayne Oh's Birthday month! oh my~ I love her! 

3rd thing? My three years uni roommate Michelle is joining us in Kuching for at least 1 1/2 year! Wheeeeeeee... I guess it means more gossip time! *chuckles evilly* 

So, have a great September peoples! Because we've only have one September 2014 all our life! Everyday does not repeat and live life like its the last day of your life. 

-happy mode-

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