Monday, September 1, 2008

D Day when Death Comes T.T

I went to my aunt's place tis few days. Trying to study but cun reli study much
since my niece r owez noisy playing pc games from early morning til late nite.
Stil gt tons of thgs to go. Feel wan2 slp when open my chem book n feel pressured bout reading tat.
Arghhhh, nt sure if i rmbr those names of biodiversity, psilophyta... equisetophyta...
locopodiophyta...zygomycota...basidiophyta...etc... monoecious, heterospory...
I'm gonna b nuts!!!!

Had dinner at tis so cal table mycousin's bf bought. Was hot n d food nt nice. N nw they
all go to kara-ok which i dun wan2 go coz nt like healthy k-box,
stuck in tis cc wif my aunt coz we dun hv transport to go back ourselves.
There was tis 1 weird guy ( fren of den, 30-40+. no hair, skinny weird...)
keep acting weird, saying i'm clever noe how 2 use internet keep Jia prawns for me 8
dinner jz nw say wat we gt 'yuan'... sweat~ feel weird lor even when he say he sek me de...
make me feel uneasy nia when say i can go sing ltr afetr on9. I'm scare of him honestly
no matter he hv gud intentions o nt.

miz home... 2 + weeks n i can go home dy... so hapi, but my next week is gonna
b my dead week.
Wed- General Chem II
Thurs-Fudamentals of Molecular Biology
FMB, i;m nt even sure d exam scope til where n i haven read d 2nd time.
I'm pretty sure tat i dun rmbr MOST of wat i've read b4...

Wish me gud luck so i can reli do well next week n relax abit go shopping... ^^
haha... til nw stil tink og tat, terrible me~

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