Monday, May 10, 2010


It's time for updates even though I'm super lazy =D
Went for a Genting 2D1N trip with my ever dearest MichBaobei, JayneWorm and Pauline

Let the pictures do all the talking k? ^^

2nd ride, the Cyclone

p/s: I make fun of this ride saying it was a lauya ride and I'm sorry for that LOL

#One of my fav shot of the day =)


How can we dun have DinoShots when we are in DinoLand? haha

for kids T_____T

This is superslow and super small which it's obviously for kids! Then why are we on the ride? *shrugs*

End of part one with a vain picture of mine =D

aint that vain also right? Just half of my face LOL

p/s: blogging seems tiring for me nowadays during holiday, i wonder why?

-Do you know? Do I?-

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