Tuesday, May 11, 2010


walala~ It's better for me to update my blog now when I still feel like updating it! =D

We went for check-in in First World hotel around 3 and hey, we met two cutie clowns that sang quite well at the lobby

And pardon me for I love their socks! rainbow-nish colour ^^

Time for more rides and pictures =)

A shot that i love *hearts hearts*

before going to casino that night ^^
p/s: I'm so omfg happy when the security guard ask for my I.C. when I wanted to go into the casino T_______T
awhh, at least i don't look that old XOXO

Glow in the dark bowling hang out place

It's way cool to chill here~

Another shot that i love too! Indoor Ferris Wheel


Some inner joke which four of use shall never forget!
Cupnoodle at 7th floor like some sneaky thief =D

And It's time to say ByeBye ='(
done! =)

up next! Damai with the new couple! ^^

-Can time just freeze at this moment?-

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