Wednesday, May 26, 2010

K-Box With darling

Went to K-Box with darling yesterday since she promise to go with me before the holidays

Dress code of the day: Summer themed Florals
Hair Code (@@) : Curls

My forever ban leng leng partner~
Only she and her siss supports my pink barbie lens and say that it's not weird
*touched* And it makes me love my lens nao! =D

SingSingSing and thanks to dear she pay the bills XDXD

More pics =)

Keropooook *like tis blur pic a lot!!!!* =D

Cute die ar the walls of the room *likey*

Leng leng darling ^^

Captured with darl's new fon! 

Couldn't wait for more outings and ban leng sessions =)


The bubble milk tea last night is too sweet
And you are too good to me
What if....
*i wonder*

-BB faster come back-

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