Monday, May 24, 2010


Went to meet darling at her house on thurs!
Wheee~ she did my manicure for me =) 

Love it..... *hearts*

 All the 'ga chang' XD

Couldn't wait for our K session and shop shop time ^^


Pinky lens! 
Ermm, A little weird hor? @@ 
Who ask me kaypo see people use nice i oso try *cries*

-U'll bee back to me in less den 1 month-


tehooo said...

pinky contact lenses...
hmm.. like cat's eyes. hahaha

~Syndy~ said...

hahaha weird o nt 1st? @@ see longer nicer but i tink not everyone can accept pink-liked alienated pupils

tehooo said...

seriously i got clicked it for bigger view. kinda weird for me. hahaha XD