Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to Jungle

Ya, I'm back to this 'bird also dont wana lay egg' de UKM
It really depresses me badly when I knew I no longer stay with my beloved roommie Mich Mich
But Thank God changes and adjustment were made
Now I can continue to stay with her for my final year here 

More about my holidays to update soon
Wait peeps!

Share a pic of a banana dog with all of you here 1st

This is banana dog
Cute anot???
I din mean that a Chinese banana that speaks English kay? XD

And, i just dyed my hair two weeks ago...
Nice anot? XD

 vain is the word for me

p/s: but i dun have a hairstylist bf so my hair is so out of shape dy
-I miss home i miss mum i miss you already-

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