Wednesday, July 14, 2010

K -session

There wasn't much to brag about when I look back at the pictures I had
I went for K session with Mr/ Kenneth for two times this sem break
I love K session when there is just me and you
You don't need to worry about the mic and I don't need to be shy showing off my lousy singing =)

1st time at the 1st week that he is back to me
Before i dyed my hair =D

Awh, i miss his singing already now =/


And I planned to change my templete and go for something simple
I'm gonna do it today and try to make a nice header 
Life is bored now
I just wanna enjoy every moment with my friends



something very encouraging I saw from FB today =)

p/s: I still miss home and I wonder why do i have bad quality sleep these few nights?

-I miss you, do you miss me?-


k e l y n said...

nice template. i like that header! :)

~Syndy~ said...

muahahahaha I stil wan change diao the template de but since all people say nice i think i shall stick to it XD