Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ok, this is something that happened like a month ago
It's super overdue but i would still like to post it XD

Went over to Koreana at hometown to try out Korean food before I came back to this sucky place 

The price was higher than usual Japanese food but thats how Korean food usually priced
Trust me. It's worth it! ^^
oh yea, went with my Mr.Kenneth and he love the place too! 

We ordered two Korean tea
I still like Japanese green tea more@@

Side dishes served was superb
I love the seaweed a lot! Sour sweet taste~
But Mr.Kenneth like the clam more

1st dish - Bulgolgi ( BBQ beef )

Ratings 9/10
around RM 30

It was too big portion for two person served with fresh vegetable
Its a must try when u go next time if you take beef since its so tender and juicy 
*drools, i wan it now!!!!!*

Kimchi Soup ( I forgot the Korean name =.= )
RM 19?  Ratings : 8/10

Just perfectly sour and spicy
I seriously think the KimChi there was superb

Korean Dumplings
Ratings : 6.5/10

It was okay but nothing special about it~

There goes Mr.Kenneth posing for my BabyBlue cammie

Can i put a picture of me? =D

I would like to go again please
Can someone send me some Korean food like now???? 


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