Monday, August 2, 2010

Penang Weekend-4

Ok, i guess u're sick of all these postsssss
I shall End all of it here by spamming it with pictures and no more talking XD

HardRock Hotel 

Nice place! =D

The Pool there is awesome!!!! 
I wish i can spend a night there =/

I also got wear hat!!! =D

Time to pose for the camera

Batu Ferringgi beach

Assistant Liew 刘特助
Thank you for making the photoshoot a success =)

Too bad it rained that day


Some of my Fav pictures *hearts*

Our cute tour guide JeeHow aka ah hiao = =

And i shall end the Penang trip post with a picture of my bff KL ^^

Engtao or not? =D


It was an awesome trip
Short but fun
We shall go for more trips more often?

Take care my dear KL as u're gonna go US soon
I'm gonna miss ya and waiting to go more places with u!
p/s: Remember my presentSSSSSSsss 

I'm turning into a roasted charcoal slowly ='(

-you din't miss me-

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