Friday, September 17, 2010

2nd and 3rd pair

The 2nd and 3rd pair of shoes bought this sem
OMG, I need alot of self control ><

Denim Bow flats ^^

But it hurts my feet

Cotton On converse
I know it looks like School shoes = =
But trust me its nice! =)

Flats are my new love recently besides forever Heels
and also cotton on

-11 more days-


k e l y n said...

i like denimbow flatttttt

~Syndy~ said...

ngek ngek ngek... very cheap nia tim!! ^^

k e l y n said...

no money shopping. nid money for travellingggg~ i wanna find euuuu

~Syndy~ said...

come come come~~~~~ i miss youuuuuuu