Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meeting Up ZN

Met up with ZN last Tues at Pavillion =)

Wow O.O she's a great shopahollic too

Had lunch in WongKok Char Chan Teng
The ambiance is nice ^^
And the food was not bad =)

Spaghetti in Pumpkin sauce
 *Thumbs up*

Curry fishball

 And some tomato chiken rice 

It was my bad hair day ><
tea session at snowflake =)

Yummy =)
I like the hot one more than the cold one 



-It's almost the end-


tehooo said...

snowflake? I read frm other bloggers, they said their drinks quite nice~ really?

~Syndy~ said...

Not bad wor, try the hot grass jelly one nice! the oh yuen very Q super nice! =)

tehooo said...

oh yuen is what? o.o

~Syndy~ said...

芋圆=) nice!!!!