Saturday, October 9, 2010

Food Post

Some random food I had with Mr Kenneth when he comes
My diet plan failed max when he came ToT

Random Chee Cheong Fun from Pavillion Food Court
It was so so only but he tried it since he never had real West Msia Chee Cheong Fun =P

Potato Salad from Pasta Zanmai
The dressings for vege salads and potato salad are just superb in a way I don't know why

Takoyaki from 6th floor Sg. Wang
Our all time favourite *Another thing in common*
I wonder if anynoe knows where we can get nice Takoyaki in Kuching?

Dragon-I for breakfast on the day before he left

The simple appetizer stew peanuts (焖花生) was totally superb and fragrant

Although the taste of this century egg toufu was slightly disappointing, but still the texture compensated it
You can try Jade Pot's Century egg toufu in Kuching! ^^ 
I prefer that more

Red Oil Dumplings? 红油抄手
the texture was superb as the meat was excellent and the skin was just Q to the max
Emperial Duck one was bad though compare to this one

Last but not least!

小笼包,Xiao Lung Bao
The juice inside is just special as it had the sweetness of vege and the juice of pork
Bite a hole and drink the soup inside and dip ur Bao into the ginger vineger~
Walah! U just had the best out of the best ^^

I wan Taroballs now from Snowflakes
Japan combo was not bad but I wanna share it with Mr. Kenneth now
Do you wan some too?
Ratings: 9/10 XD

Now do you know how i failed my diet plan max?

-I seriously need to control my diet =( -

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