Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Delizza high tea

Its a brand new start of another month again and seriously I think that time flies.
Another longed-overdue post again
I really deserve the title of 'Procrastinate Queen' ok? =D

Met my dearest darling bff Kelyn during the time I went back for CNY in Kuching and finally find a time to work out a plan for our high tea moment at Delizze right before CNY.

It was a very very nice place *likey likey*
I'm so gonna try the strawberry tarts next time as it is recommended by Mr Kenneth
No matter the tart is big or small next time =D

Her i-forgot-what-name sandwich 
Look at the soft fluffy bread O.O. Aiks, it makes me miss sandwich and bread =X

My potato salad

We didn't try out the main course and pastries as we were both full already before we head for our high tea.
We were given the compliment sky juice *why do I have to beautify the name of the plain water? @@ haha*

Me and my pretty darling~

It was a great time for us and I'm looking forward for the time when I go back Kuching again to hang out more with her ^^
After all, She's there waiting for me already right my dear?
More plans TOGETHER! cun wait~ wheeeeee...

My head goes round and round all cause of thesis, oh  gawd....
and I can almost conclude, Milk Tea gives me insomnia T.T

-you're just being hypocrite-  

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