Thursday, February 24, 2011


Had a trip to MARDI in Serdang two weeks ago but never really blogged about it.
I guess there are too much pending post in my to-blog-about-list * procrastinating*

I learned NOTING, ZERO, KOSONG, MEI YOU in the trip
It was simply more fun because there were friends around =)

My beloved buddy MT and wormie ah jen *hearts u guys*

A spot of colour in the woods 

one of my fav pics ^^
According to Jason this can be our 'album' cover already XD

We do crazy things sometimes when all of us gather especially during trips but deep inside my heart it all means a lot to me. It brings laughter, unlimited memories, and we do it when we were all still so young. 
Thank you friends, again and again I would repeat it, because I mean it.
Without all of you, coming to UKM would mean nothing, NOTHING AT ALL =')

How great is life, when u stopped and looked around
It wasn't that bad afterall ^^

p/s: hope that my vacation with friends would work out~

-missing my bb very very much-


tehooo said...

LOL ----> nothing zero kosong mei you! XD

later nar_ _ah kill you lah~

~Syndy~ said...

XDXD that is why me midsem de report luan luan write! I bet she wun read my blog lor if she do i wil heart attack!!! XD

jcdagreat said...

=)))) hearts

~Syndy~ said...

Jc: hugsss *love love love max*