Monday, May 16, 2011


You're so mean but I like it!

This is what I used to tell her when we gossiped during the nights. *oopss, is there any error you can spot dear, winks*.
Time flies and here I am back at kuching but have started my Internship for the 3rd week already. I'm usually busy in the morning but free as though the clock is not ticking during the afternoon. I'll update more when I go to my lab and take pictures if the things I do especially urine samples *puke* .

Fingers crossed that I will be hardworking to update my blog more this few days *chuckles* 

-Working life is hectic-


Michelle said...

wow! i'm bad! btw i spot nth :O hahahaha

~Syndy~ said...

XD recently? not having u beside me makes me less motivated to spot the not XDXDXD