Saturday, July 30, 2011

Behind the scene

Went for a photo shoot session with Joash Dom KL and Bff last saturday. The venue was the all time favourite Permai Beach. Found out a perfect spot with the perfect light and there goes the only two spot we choose for the cammie =) Love the morning sunlight that shine pass through the trees and straight on my head.

 love this candid shot *hearts*
Was laughing madly with bff while trying our best to act natural when the cameraman was just in front of us.

I like the way Joash shoots pictures of people. They tend to be more natural and looked very real. I would use the word 写实 for the pictures he took. Click HERE , and  HERE to view his pictures =)
B & W ( Black & White) is the my favourite.

 pitcha time!

Kl that goes hard and stiff in front of camera all the time *internal joke* hahahaha

The other camera man that did not bring film for his camera = =
So in the end he ended up lying on the tree trunk haha

 Photographer of the day, Joash

 Aint my dearest bff pretty?
  p/s: she's available woiii! XP

Kong Pia at Song Kheng Hai is a must everytime people came back from the beach. I wonder why? 

Last but not least, me with Kelyn my love =)
Why do i sound so lesbian here? *chuckles*

This weekend is gonna be another great one!

-be optimistic please!-

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