Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tired? Sad? Not tired? Happy?

I was feeling a little weird to have a blog post so early in the morning. Well, maybe people would think that what an early bird i am but in fact i haven sleep last night.
I was just back from Pesta Tanglung preparation around 4 plus. Then we went to call kim soon n sing birthday song to him as a suprise from him. After i bath it's already 5+ i don't think that would be a time to sleep?

Well, felt complicated inside honestly,
cause... when i knew that there might be a possibility that my course mate is gonna
apply to switch course when next sem comes, i also don't know y i feel so sad
from the very deep inside of my true heart...
Feels as though it's bleeding, our small Bio family might lose more members again...
and even Xuan might leave...i... T.T

u don't know if anyone would really understand how i feel. I treat them like my family,
and honestly envied Oleochem, coz they are always like so united like a family among
course mates... I even start to doubt, is Bio tat terrible? Then did i make a stupid decision for trying to stay here and adapt life here? did i? Do i really have a
future after i finishes my BIOLOGY DEGREE?
I... n y do my tears start to fall down after i heard this? Y?

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