Friday, November 26, 2010

GirlFriends short vacation (1)

Dear Kelyn Darling girlfriend came for a visit last weekend to fulfill her craves for Jogoya since it's launching a promotion now. 
Reached UKM on Saturday and we spend the half day chatting awaiting for the next few days~
Get ready in the morning and went to drop our luggage at JW's place as we are staying there for the next two nights! Off to the malls with my two girlfriends whom I'm seriously in love with~
 KimGary was the 1st stop for lunch as Kelyn craves a lot for their wonderful Cheese-BakeRice 

CheeseBakeRice, 101 Zhong Hua Big Bowl Rice, and BlackPepper Chicken Chop Rice

Shopped around Sg. Wang and in the end both of them ended up with loads of stuffs ^^
It was seriously amazing that I din really shop and only spend RM19.90 on a bag =D

Saw the top 30 Talent show from students of various university and seriously I think they are good!
This is the cute guy from Taylors doing B-Box
The cutest MC~ 
*just cun get enought of him when he smiles, the whole world stops and stares for a while*
= = haha
The top 15 and UKM has two representatives! *proud*

And we headed for dinner at a taiwanese cafe in Sg. Wang 

卤肉饭 -RM 4.90

炸酱面- RM6.90

麻辣面- RM 8.90

And thats the end of day one actually, which we can conclude that it's all about shopping.
We had a nice sweet girl talk when we reach JW's place for the night and it's really the 1st time I felt so relax without hiding any part of my own self in front of them~
Some people are there for you and u'll feel alive like urself when u're in front of them,
even though you might not meet always

-I treasure our friendship-


k e l y n said...

i wanna i'm missing that green tea crepe~

~Syndy~ said...

jan we go eat again! greentea is love~ =) another thing in common~~~