Monday, April 25, 2011


Finish my final paper for my final semester in my final year. Screw that paper again but I'm so glad it all comes to an end now. =) All I hope now is that I can really pass this paper and graduate with all my friends 
*thats how bad I did in the paper =/*

Had a first and final more to come gathering with all my course mates in the same major as me GENETICS aka Geneticus Dinner at Bangi Golf Club. I thought it might not be that good and perhaps overpriced in the first place, but as time goes by and the night went on, I seriously think that I'm so thankful for the meaningful night. Good job friends, it was a success =)

It's the 1st time I really had more Malay friends and when I really saw some Malay friends that are... ermmm...
Let me put things this way, I never had true friendship with them and a lot of times they failed me especially my beloved country's system sometimes. But throughout this 3 years what I can feel is a bit different, some of them are good although I'm not that close with them. In conclusion, my Malay course mates are great! In a way i never knew. *hahaha*

Food of the night~
The food was okay and our stomach were all satisfied so it's worth the price actually =)

Pictures of the night, I'll stop writing and please enjoy the memorable pictures 
one of the malay girls table =)

Kua Zhang =/ *i mean the red one of cause, chuckles*

Going to German bye bye and take care LiMei

 Another victim by dearest Dr. Narimah


Favourite Yi Qian *hearts* I miss her singing lots

The other 2 members of 'ze three musketeers'
Thank you my dears, without you the 3 musketeers would not exist. Thanks for the memories and all the help given. I miss the two of you the most ='/

It was a night to remember! And thank you my friends, I will miss the time I had with all of you.
Take care~ =')

p/s: I started to miss my girls already *sob*

-stretch your hands far to touch your big dream-

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