Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Final Laughter

Went for a final dinner gathering with my course mates few nights ago at Pappa Rich in Kajang. The food sucks and the service was bad but still it was a lovely night. Jayne surprise us with the slideshow she prepared
 *awhh, how touching is that? =')*

The unforgettable and legendary Bumble Bee

The girls =)

The-all-the-time-scandal pair XD

It was another night with great laughter and a lot of chit chats. I wonder after the last paper this Thursday, when will be the next time we meet again besides convocation? Since LayMei is not gonna be here to attend the convocation. Dream high dear friends, aim high and work for it. 
I really do hope there would be a bright future for all of them.
I'm waiting to attend weddings of u guys, let me guess, who shall be the 1st one? Lay Mei? Mee Teng? Who knows it might be Joanne or Hui Lee *chuckles*

Thats the 13 (Jason and YF couldn't make it, how sad it is)

 Together *hearts*

Goodbye dear friends, Please remember one thing
I will miss all of you~ 

-The end came too soon-


jcdagreat said...

haha....mana ada scandal....

~Syndy~ said...

think be u answer me.....

Really tadak??? XDXD