Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Story of a cat with just one hair

23 years ago, a kitten with just a strand hair was born on this same day. She was so small and petite and having just one strand of hair. She was born in the gloriette and therefore her parents decided to name her as
Moh Yun Ting 毛韵婷

Chinese translation:

Happy Blessed birthday Mao =)

Best wishes for you and thanks for what you have given all these while with ur gf *winks*
We shall remain as friends till we die and may all ur dreams come true! 




iammao said...

lolz!!! u rmb!! i tot u u lots!! suprising me...hahahaha....!!

~Syndy~ said...

=) I remember de ok?

and hor my story very nice dun say i luan luan jiang i tink til head crack de liaw XDXDXD

happy birthday dear mao =)