Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chubby baba Nyonya

Went for some good food with mummy and lil bro two weeks ago on Sunday. It was the day when I finally finish my mysterious pressie as 4th anni pressie for Mr. Kenneth. The food was okay but I love the angel beans most =)

Nice ambiance very baba-nyonya feel indeed ^^

Thats my stupid lil bro with me *he loves camwhore more than anyone else in the world!*

Fav dish Angel Beans

Assam Fish was not bad too I love the taste of the sauce more than the fish =D

I'm lacking in Updates again I know =/

He is leaving in one week time but its okay cause I know he is coming back to me soon.
I need to find a job. KL or Kuching? Any suggestion or advice? 

-Life was great  Thank Lord-


iammao said...

kl leh..kl we can easily find u play lor...

k e l y n said...

whr is this place arh dear?

~Syndy~ said...

mao: XDXD u and mt owez wan me go KL de lor! u find a job with high pay for me den i wil go!!!!! =D=D

Kelyn: neh near muara tabuan there arrrr =D