Sunday, March 17, 2013

The recent me

Sorry i abandoned my blog AGAIN 

Got really caught up in work and I'm like half dead already 
Totally stressed at work and some complications as well

But I has update too =) 
1) Bought my first car ever in my life a little white Myvi where i name it baby white 
2) Officially a Senior Executive now 
3) Still surviving in my job with a staff car loan means bonded for another 8 years FML

God has been mercy on me tho i still feel like half dead 
At least it is still tolerable 
I am counted a lucky girl comparing my friends that are still struggling in PBB tho 

Have any of u had any conflict in life?
Where u feel like u are caught in a mist of stuffs that are wrong
No way to go further but there is no turning back as well... 
Sucky kinda feeling~ 

Now i guess i need God's wisdom to guide me outta this mess... 
I dunno.... 

-Yes or No? I cant answer-

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